Meet the Fam


Photos by SHD Photography

Say hello to my crazy, goofy little family that I adore so much. The Lucas Family. Tim and I have been married since 2011, and we’ve had our dog, Bentley, since we were in college, before we had even gotten engaged. These two make me whole and make my heart feel very full. I couldn’t imagine life without either of them. Tim is my biggest supporter in all of my dreams and is the one whom I love taking adventures with. He gets me in a way that it just seems no one else does. I guess husbands have a way of doing that, huh?! 😉 And Bentley, well, he’s just pretty much the best thing to come home to every single day. His personality is always making me smile even when he does things that I’m sure deep down he knows drive me up the wall…like attempting to find Qtips in the bathroom trashcan and hoarding them under the bed…but that’s another story. I’m sure Bentley will get a post of his own at some point…he does turn 5 this year after all (I came to this sad realization just the other day actually). If I’m this emotional about my dog growing up, I can’t even imagine what I’ll be like when we have children someday, but Bent is our child for today 🙂 (He’s even got his own hashtag on Instagram: #adventuresofbentley) This is my family enjoying our little adventure in the city. St. Louis is home.


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