I’m in a New York State of Mind

Everything about this summer happened so quickly, and suddenly, we’re nearly in fall (well, everyone has said it’s fall since Labor Day, but it’s not officially fall yet…more on that later). Anyway, I shared part 1 of our Boston/NYC adventure last month but never got around to sharing part 2, the NYC part. I’ve had a draft saved for a few weeks now, photos uploaded and all, but hadn’t gotten around to actually writing.

I always miss the big city. Any big city. If you haven’t yet realized, I’m beyond obsessed with all things city, New York and Chicago being my absolute favorites. When we were visiting Boston this summer, our new adventure place to visit, I just knew that we had to somehow incorporate New York into this trip as well. Yes, we’ve already done NY together, but once is not enough. I want to go back again and again. Since we’re rarely in the Northeast, I knew we needed to take full advantage. (If we had all the money and all the vacation days in the world, we would have spent a good two weeks touring the entire Northeast/New England if it were up to me.) On our last full day of our trip, we took a bus from Boston down to NYC (I legitimately never realized just how far NE Boston really is on the map. Wow!). It was only about 4 1/2 hours or so on the bus down to NYC, so it wasn’t bad at all. About equivalent to our trips from home to Chicago. We got into NYC late morning, giving us a good full day after getting checked into our hotel (in Times Square! Tim did so good as usual 🙂 ) to explore the city. We did a lot of big things last time we were in New York like tours, Times Square and we were on the TODAY Show (HUGE bucket list check right there), so this time we didn’t have a lot of big things planned, we just wanted to enjoy our day in the city. It was so perfect, especially since last time we were in New York, it was New Year’s Eve weekend, and it was bitter bitter bitter cold. Almost unbearable (but we made it bearable, nonetheless). This NY summer weather was the exact opposite of that.

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We tried to do a few of the things we didn’t have time to do the last the we were here. First stop, we had lunch at Shake Shack. I felt like I was in a movie eating outside in the park on a New York summer day. It was so fabulous. And, their food was pretty awesome too. Sometimes you just need a good burger and fries, you know? Gluten and all (more on that later, if you don’t follow me on IG and Twitter and know about my gluten sensitivity issues…yes, I’m one of those, and yes, it’s annoying, I know.).


Following lunch, we needed to walk off our food. When we travel, we love to walk. We’re pretty active when time allows. Living in a city, any city, you have to know that walking will be involved, even if it’s just your usual walk from the car to your doorstep. We walked our way through New York’s finest shopping (shopping, my other love), and visited a few of my favorite places including Tory Burch and Kate Spade’s Madison Avenue flagship store. It was just as beautiful as I had ever imagined it would be. I bought one little thing with a gift card that I had been saving up just because I wanted just one of my KS pieces to really be from NY 🙂 The flagship store was several stories tall, each floor being dedicated to its own Kate Spade department…shoes, homegoods, wedding. It was some form of Kate Spade New York Heaven I’m sure.

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One thing that we didn’t have time to do last time we were there was see the view of New York City from above. We decided to do the Top of the Rock tour, and it was amazing. New York City was even more beautiful from up above. 

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That evening, we explored SoHo which I absolutely loved, especially the building structures on each block. We also stopped in the Kate Spade and Jack Spade stores in SoHo to make sure there wasn’t anything we were missing out on, and we checked out the Kate Spade Saturday store too. If I were to ever have the opportunity to live in this city, I would love to live in this neighborhood. Even if $3,000 a month in rent got me something the size of a cardboard box. I still think it would be totally awesome. 

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Finally, we got to visit our friend, Carson, who lives in Brooklyn. We finally got to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, and Brooklyn itself, what a neat place! I wish that we could have stayed and explored it more. Next time I would like to spend a full day there. 

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It was an amazing end to our trip. I dream of being in this city all the time. I need to figure out how more of it can be in our lives. And next time we go on a visit, we still need to do an NBC Studio Tour (obsessed with all things NBC!), see a real Broadway show and we absolutely must get tickets to see Jimmy Fallon live. New York City is like its own country. There are never ending things to do. I can’t wait until we can go back again! In the meantime, we’re already trying to plan where our next adventure trip will be. We’re really thinking about California because it’s been up there on our list (right up there with NYC actually) for a very long time, and neither of us have been any further west than Phoenix, AZ. There are so many options when it comes to California though. Talk about a state being like its own country. Phew. In the meantime, we’ve got to plan ourselves another weekend trip to Chicago, though. It’s quick, it’s easy, its (relatively) inexpensive (as compared to some of these other trips we take anyway), and we’re just all around in love with that city. I’m hoping we can get back up there this fall. I have a feeling big changes are to come in the spring, whether that be career moves, real life moves (our lease ends in five months!) or something of that sort. Only time will tell so we shall see! The countdown to that Masters degree is less and less each day.