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Hi there, I’m Kasey (with a K!) Lucas! Welcome to my blog! As a girl who loves to write, loves photos and loves to share, I’ve had a few different blogs throughout the years, each seemingly fit for a specific time in my life from college to postgrad to being a newlywed. The last few years I’ve kept myself far too ‘busy,’ and have learned that It’s time that I focus on the things in life that truly matter most, and ‘busy’ isn’t one of them, but I know that truly seeking out my passion is. This blog is meant to be a little bit about day-to-day experiences, a little about lifestyle and what inspires me most and a little about what I hope to be inspiration to others as well. I especially love writing about and looking deeper into some of my favorite brands. I have a very big passion for branding and meaningful missions. When these two things collide, my world is rocked (in a good way!). Ultimately, though, this blog is simply just a day in the life of my random thoughts and favorite things.

My husband, Tim, and our two dogs, Bentley and Emma, moved to from the Midwest to the West Coast early this year, and it has been quite the journey, to say the least. Good jobs brought us out here, and the experience of a cross country adventure, just the two of us, seemed far too enticing to resist. Has each day been easy? Not at all. Worth it? Absolutely. St. Louis is home, though, and we miss it a lot, but we’re enjoying what God has in store for us, right here in front of us, for today. Outside of work, I practice yoga, I love to read, I love to shop, and I really love to travel. Being in a completely new part of the country really helps with the travel bug. We have new places to explore right at our fingertips almost every single weekend! More than anything, I especially love spending time with family and friends (miss you all back home!), I love community and I love being able to love people.