Back again

2017 was one for the books. But then again, 2015 and 2016 were too. Of course every year has had its highlights, as well as its lows, but these last few years have transformed me in ways I’ve never quite thought imaginable.
If you’ve followed my blog(s) in the past (my how they have transformed over the years), you know that my last post on my most recent blog was from 2017. Actually, it was the first day of 2017. (Blasphemy!) I think that speaks volumes as to what 2017 was for me. It provided my husband, Tim, and I a season of change and a season of being still as we continue to dream of the future. After a very necessary, albeit seemingly short, time living in Southern California, after uprooting our lives and our dogs to the west coast, we felt a calling from God leading us back to our hometown. Life was good in California. Tim’s job was great, I got a promotion and loved my job too. We made some really great friends, got so lucky with amazing neighbors and, well, the weather and the beaches were quite lovely. Sure, there were things that we didn’t always love, like being so far from family and friends back home and the much more appealing cost of living of the Midwest, but really, life was so dang good.
When the opportunity arose a few years ago sending us out west, we knew we had to take it. We felt God in every piece of that season. It was challenging but wonderful. We were starting to finally feel comfortable living that west coast life, and I think we were living it quite well (Tim especially). When the plane would fly over the coast of the Pacific Ocean on trips back to the west coast, I looked out the window over downtown LA or the glistening blue water, and would smile to myself, saying ‘I’m home.’ It felt good to finally have that feeling.
Insert God. Again. They say as soon as we start to feel comfortable, He may intervene. He sent us on that West Coast adventure for a reason. For many reasons.
But we knew deep down, prayer after prayer and sign after sign, that He was sending us back home too. As in St. Louis home. In a series of events to follow from the end of 2016 to early 2017, one thing led to another, jobs and opportunities were extremely in our favor (in the Midwest especially), and while some things didn’t make much sense, so many things made seemingly perfect sense. We didn’t ultimately expect it to be so soon, but we knew that it was time for yet another {big} move.
And so, I came home in April (almost exactly one year ago now – what perfect timing to finally get that blog revamped, eh!?), Tim came home at the end of July, and we spent those few months in a long distance marriage whilst traveling cross country to see each other and to get our life packed back up to get everything moved back home. Once here, we were fortunate enough to have kept our South City home and had a great family living in it while we were away, but we needed to give them time to find a new place to live too, hence, we stayed at my parents’ house for a good chunk of last year. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) Insert our hearts’ strongest desires to start a family in the midst of these last few years of transition, all to no avail.
To say that 2017 was a whirlwind would be an understatement. We moved back into our home before Thanksgiving, and now that it’s spring of 2018 (despite it not quite feeling that way outside), we’re just now starting to really feel settled – In our home, in our jobs, with our church, with our community. For those first few months I admittedly didn’t know if we had made the right decision. But now, it’s all making so much more sense.
I’m happy to be back. I’m happy for what’s to come. I love our city. I feel like we are right at home, exactly where we are supposed to be.

Photo by Shannon Duggan Photography

Welcome {back} to the latest run of my blog where I intend to share not only a bit about my life and some of my story, but the stories of others who inspire me too. I believe that women empower women. I believe in men as our allies. I believe that stories can change the world.
I want this to be a space where women can relate to other women with their stories – whether that be about career paths, motherhood, infertility, adoption, foster care and everything in between. That sentence alone may give you a bit of a glimpse of the pieces of my story that I’ve been less vocal about in the last couple of years, but I’m ready to share more with the world and with each of you. I’m hopeful that a very new chapter for us will be opening up soon. 
Much more to come. Thanks for being here. Xo.