Empowering Women of Coffee

Learning about inspiring, empowering females and their stories is kind of my thing (checkout the Women Inspire Women series HERE if you haven’t already been following along!). So, when I first heard about City Girl Coffee, I was eager to learn more. Their story (of both the company and their owner, Alyza) is amazing and encouraging. They say they are ‘not just a cute company with cool colors and a chic look’ (Although they certainly have that going for them!), but what they really are is a sustainable company bringing awareness and equality to the women of the coffee industry – speaking right to my own heart! I encourage you to check out this empowering female company (visit their website and ABOUT page to read their full story). And what else? Although founded and based in Duluth, MN, you can now purchase City Girl Coffee right here in St. Louis – now available at Dierbergs Markets! Also, do checkout their social pages because their new packaging and design is. so. swoon worthy (shown below)! Now if I can figure out how to get myself in front of Alyza herself to do one of my blog interviews, how cool would that be!? (Shameless plug?!) Sharing more in stories on Instagram!