Foster the Love

I now interrupt my regularly scheduled inspiring women posts to share a bit of a life update with you.


1. to promote the growth or development of; further; encourage
2. to bring up or raise
3. to care for or cherish

The last few months for us have looked a bit different than our norm – filled with night classes not pertaining to graduate school, with home studies and new visitors, with more paperwork than was necessary to buy our first house and with learning even more about each other than I thought possible – as we prepare to open our home to foster care and little ones in our community who need a safe space for awhile. I’ve never felt so at ease with the unknown and the unexpected (hello Type-A personality), but somehow, I know we’re exactly where we need to be.

Last week we completed all of the training classes, and if all goes according to plan (what plan!? ha!), we should be fully licensed by next month. But in the meantime, we continue to pray for what God has in store in hopes that he brings children into our home who need us to nurture and love on them in this season. And we continue to wait (and finish up all of our aforementioned paperwork 😉 ).

I say all this now in hopes of sharing this journey with others who may be exploring foster care too. We finally feel that we are at a place where we can be more open about our next steps. While there are so many resources out there (and SO many wonderful people I’ve found within the foster care community – especially thanks to social media), it took us months to find the right resources for us. I’ve been eager to share our journey with you, and while I won’t be sharing everything because there is much that is not for me to share (these stories are those of the kiddos, after all), I do want to be able to share things that will help to educate others as the need is great. Here’s to a new season and the next chapter in our journey. We’ve still got a few more things to be checked off of our list within the coming weeks, but we’re getting close.

“Keep doing the next thing even if the next thing is to eagerly wait for what’s to come…If you expect the unexpected, you’ll be just fine.” -Jason Johnson