Friday Introductions

Happy Friday! Anyone else have an immeasurable amount of love for the weekend? (Hand raised high!) I thought that now that I’m using this space in some capacity to share the stories of other inspiring women, perhaps I should give a {re} introduction of myself here and on Instagram too for any new followers who haven’t been around since those early days. (And for those whom have stuck around, I commend you.) Here’s a bit more about who I am (interview style)!

Photo by Shannon Duggan Photography

Age: 30
Hometown: St. Louis, MO

What do you do in your day job?
Sometimes it seems so easy to follow along with other bloggers and Instagrammers and instantly assume that blogging and Instagramming is their full-time life, but alas, that’s not always the case (however for some, it is!). Outside of my Instagram loving life, I work in fundraising and alumni development in the world of business and higher education, and I love it!

How long have you been married?
Seven years (this week)! Tim and I started dating in high school, went to college together, were engaged two weeks post-graduation and married a year after that. We have grown so much together since the day he asked me to be his girlfriend when I was only 17 years old.

Do you have any kids?
No kids yet, however we cannot wait to start a family (more on this to come, I promise). In the meantime, we have two furry, four-legged children who we so love. Both Bentley and Emma were adopted; Bentley is an eight-year-old Beagle mix and Emma is a three-year-old Border Collie mix (or so we believe). They keep us very active and busy and sure do have a way of keeping our lives exciting! 

Favorite color? 
It’s always been pink – all shades of it!

Coffee or tea?
An iced vanilla latte or a glass of sweet tea – I love them both (and I have a sweet tooth)!

What’s your go-to when it’s ‘5 o’clock somewhere?’
A glass of rose or a moscow mule (with mint!)

Favorite city?
St. Louis is home, and it’s amazing to see the growth and transformation of our city. I love this place and always will. But, I love exploring other cities too (and I think this is something so important for all of us to do). Chicago makes the top few on my list, being a city I always thought that we would move to (and also where we got engaged!). New York was my dream city since I was a little girl, and I still envision living in a brownstone in Brooklyn, but after living on the west coast, Los Angeles has a very special place in my heart too. I love to travel and learn about the different cultures and ways of life in cities other than my own, and I feel like I can always find a little sense of home in every city that I visit.

If you could share a meal with one woman, who would it be?
Hoda Kotb, Co-Anchor of The Today Show

Favorite musician?
Andrew McMahon (If you don’t know him, you should; he’s a phenomenal storyteller.)

Favorite movie?
You’ve Got Mail forever!

Favorite bingeworthy TV show?
Marvelous Mrs. Maisel has been a big favorite within the last year on Amazon Prime. This show is my favorite era, has amazing music and costume and is so funny. Highly recommend! As of late, Tim and I are obsessing over 13 Reasons Why. We watched season 1 as soon as it came out while we were still living in California. We started season 2 as soon as it came out, and now, we’re back to rewatching season 1. It’s so real and emotional, but can’t seem to get enough!

Random fact about you?
I am a big germaphobe – hand washing and sanitizing are a constant in my life. You could say I’m a bit fearful of the germs that surround us everywhere!

What has been a dream job that you have always had?
I’ve dreamt of being a magazine editor in NYC since I was a little girl OR of being an anchor on the TODAY Show (I’ve been watching since I was little with my mom and still can’t go a day without having it on the TV while I get ready in the morning). I have always been passionate about the world of journalism (storytelling!). I still dream of bits and pieces of that life. Various aspects of my life and career have had more characteristics of this vision than I think I ever truly realized.

Today’s biggest aspirations?
Seeing women continue to persevere and push for progress, growing as a leader and contributor to my community, and to one day become a mom.

A few of your favorite things?
Fresh flowers ($3.99 bouquet from Trader Joe’s is the best!), local finds, iced coffee, blush pink and gold accents, gluten free pretzels

Words to live by?
“This world can be ugly, but isn’t it beautiful?” -Andrew McMahon

Feel free to share more about who your are too! I love getting to know each of you. Stay tuned for the next Women Inspire Women interview coming your way next week.

Happy Weekend!