Meet Kourtney!

Meet Kourtney! Fitting as such, Kourtney and I met at a small group gathering through the Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis. We instantly connected that morning and knew we would need to reconnect again following that initial meeting. Kourtney’s passion for seeing other women succeed is invigorating. Kourtney is an awesome, fearless female, and she founded the Choice Discovery Movement. Kourtney’s mission is all about helping women to understand that they have control over their choices and the opportunities that lie ahead for them. She is a motivator and an encourager and also a really good storyteller. Read on for more about Kourtney and the ways that she is inspiring and encouraging other women below! 

Name: Kourtney Thomas
Age: 34
BusinessKourtney Thomas Coaching
Title: Founder
Currently Located: St. Louis 

Photos by XOXO Alice/Alecia Hoyt Photography

Describe yourself in 3 words:
Genuine, direct, independent

Describe your business and what you do:
I’m a coach who helps women get really clear on their choices. Then, and more importantly – make them, now, without fear. You can think of me in the “life coach” category, but I work in Choice Discovery, which is the process of uncovering your power to choose. I work with women who are feeling the spark of awareness. Harnessing that restlessness and readiness for what’s next, I help you remove expectations, shift perspective and see yourself in a new light. Ultimately, we move you from the floodlight of social conditioning to the new light of choice.

I do that through virtual one-on-one coaching engagements, anywhere from one call to six months long. In person coaching retreats. In person workshops. Speaking engagements. Weekend retreats.

And I write, a lot.

How did you start in this field?
It’s been an evolution that started in fitness coaching about eight years ago. As I started my business as a personal trainer, I began to see that anything related to the physical body just does not exist in a vacuum, especially for women. How we feel about our bodies shows up in absolutely everything that we do, from work to relationships to friends to school and everywhere in between. So, even though I was coaching people through workouts or exercise, what the majority of our sessions were really about was all this other life stuff. What was going on in relationships, what was happening at work, what they may have been questioning, how they were feeling about their inner selves – and coaching them through that was having the bigger effect.

A couple years ago, I decided to dive deeper into that side of coaching specifically, and over time the writing fitness training programs fell away. I’ve been able to develop a wonderful, and impactful, framework to really help women get to the heart of what’s going on, provide them with tools and framework to take action on the priorities that matter most, facilitate all the direction and clarity, and inspire awareness and confidence in all their choices going forward.

Did you know that this was something you always wanted to do?
Not even a little bit! First, I never saw myself as an entrepreneur. I was always perfectly content working for someone else, climbing the corporate ladder, whatever. But after I got into fitness and worked at a studio for a year or so, I began to see that there was no way that was going to be aligned with my philosophy. It was not going to set well to have to fit into someone else’s business goals. So, I started my own and built it how I wanted to build it.

Even more, I never thought I’d be doing what I’m doing now. Again, I never even thought I’d get into health and wellness! I wasn’t active as a kid, or really until I was in my mid-twenties. I didn’t know anything about taking care of my health – physically, let alone emotionally or mentally. And as soon as I got into the physical part, I realized that the other elements were equally as important, which is what ultimately ended up leading me to what I do now.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
On Oprah? Ha.

I see myself with a thriving one-on-one coaching practice, leading in-person workshops and retreats in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona, traveling for speaking engagements and book signings. Most of all, I see myself settled in Colorado, which is more home than anywhere else.

What has been a dream job that you have had since you were a little girl?
I’m not sure I ever had that vision for myself. At one time, it was aerospace engineer, until I realized what goes into doing that. At one time, it was a general idea of a corporate executive, until I realized everything awful about that. At one time, it was manager of an island resort, until I went to hospitality school and realized that was the worst idea ever. Probably the closest I could get is singer, but I will take inspirational speaker just the same!

In what ways do you see yourself inspiring other women?
My personal history isn’t remarkable. Really, that’s kind of the point. My existence is relatively average, all things considered. Chock full of privilege too – white, cis, straight, upper middle class. But, similar life experiences are common among many women I encounter, and I think that’s where the choices I’ve made for myself tend to inspire.

There are still plenty of situations and feelings that warrant attention and flare our insecurities, sparking the desire to change things. Maybe not all of it, maybe only one or two of these things about my story or delivery are relatable. I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve gotten along the way that show up with only one sentence along the lines of, “OMG, it’s like you wrote this for me.” It’s been my experience that at least some part of what I’ve been through shares a common thread and cuts right to the core and provides inspiration that’s unique for each woman in their own way.

I think my willingness to continually challenge the status quo and go after what I want, what’s right for me, regardless of external expectations or social conditioning or shoulds, is inspiring for other women.

Who has been the biggest inspiration to you?
My husband. I’ve never known anyone who does more to continually push himself and grow and learn. He’s dedicated and loyal and always finds a way to do what needs to be done. His heart is so, so much better than mine, he’s so supportive, and he inspires me every day to be better and do more.

If you could have coffee/tea/lunch/happy hour with one of your life role models, who would it be and where?
This answer used to be Anthony Bourdain, and it absolutely still would be. Maybe street food somewhere in Asia? If my answer has to be a living person, maybe Arnold (Schwarzenegger, of course). A workout at Gold’s.

What are 3 of your current favorite things (books, podcasts, music, beauty products, etc.)?
LARK Skincare – I have been told so many times since I switched to LARK that my skin is glowing, and I can’t say I disagree! I love Lisa, her whole shop, and everything she stands for.

Patagonia – Always. I only buy sustainable these days, and there is no better company out there when it comes to high standards, belief, and action better than Patagonia.

The Hundredth Floor series – It’s like The OC, only juicier and set in the future. Cannot. Put. Down.

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I hope you had fun getting to know Kourtney and the work she is doing to empower other women!

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