TOMS for Target



Have you heard about Target’s latest designer collaboration? I am beyond excited for this one! TOMS is a brand that I have been passionate about since its start. I purchased my first pair of TOMS Shoes in college, and my collection has grown immensely in a variety of styles since, and not just in terms of shoes (I’ve got a pair of sunglasses too which I actually received a gift card for from TOMS a few years back to blog about their one for one eyeglass mission that was new to the company at that time). I love a brand with a mission. Being a fan of Target’s seasonal designers, I was thrilled to hear about their most recent collaboration with TOMS this holiday season. Not only will they offer exclusive TOMS Shoes in the store, but there will also be clothing items and home goods. Shoes, meals and blankets are some of the ‘one for one’ donations that will be seen during this campaign. I’ve got my eye on the blankets and hope to purchase one as soon as the campaign arrives in stores this holiday season.  Find out more about TOMS for Target in last month’s Forbes article here:


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